Sunday, November 1, 2009

Tiny Bubbles

Everyone has been to 7-Eleven at some point in their life. It could have been 3 years ago or maybe you're there right now filling up yet another 32 ouncer of Diet Coke. But besides the convenience of 24-7 soda refills or that midnight candy bar craving, there is really only one reason to go to 7-Eleven.....SLURPIES. Yes I said it. Pina Colada, Root Beer, That Psychedelic Blue One and the ever classic Cherry (my personal favorite). You grab a cup (don't forget the lid) and place it under the flavor of your choice. You grab that handle, you know, the one that looks like a slot machine lever (not that I would know anything about that). Pull it down... fast at first, but then you quickly stop because the contents are rapidly reaching the top of the cup. Then two small pulls to top it off. You grab one of those long straws with the scoop on one end and wonder who it was that invented this straw and does anyone ever actually use that tip to scoop their slurpie? You take your first long drink of the slurpie....aahhhh....those wonderful carbonated frozen crystals tingling down your throat. You take another swig, knowing from past experience not to take too big of a drink at once. Ouch...right? Slurp after slurp you keep glancing down...3/4 full...1/2 full. You know when you get to about 1/4 full because that's when you encounter stoppage. You wiggle that weird straw around...slurp...air pocket... wiggle... slurp...air pocket. And you've finished. Yum. 1 minute goes by. You start to feel a little funny. Two minutes go by. Something is working it's way back up your throat. Then it happens. Buuurrpp!! And not just any burp. This one is specifically designed for post slurpie consumption. Millions of tiny frothy bubbles filling your entire mouth. You clench your lips just to keep them from spilling out. You have no other choice but to swallow them. Yuck. You throw the cup away feeling a little sick. It may not be tomorrow or even a couple months from now, but something will call you back, maybe a hot day or a sore throat. But when you do come back....... the bubble train will be waiting.