Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Camping at Pt Mugu (Sycamore Canyon)

Of course I'm never in any of these pictures. Oh well, maybe next time. Matt with a stoned look on his face (too much campfire inhalation). Charlie eating dirt (high in minerals, right?). Mason in the dog's cage (ruff ruff).


Crazy Lady said...

Christina i just found yours. you are funny!

Tanya said...

We had a big problem with Adam eating dirt when we went camping in June he was about 10 months so I guess a little older than Charlie but I do get irritated with that phase... But it does make for good pics ;)

Laura said...

so, thanks for finally letting me be in your in crowd (although me asking is not really the same thing as you letting me). anyway, charlie is getting so big. we need to see you guys sometime soon.